Hair Removal

Hair Removal

Hair Removal | Headquarters By Patricia - Licensed Electrolysis - Meadville, PA

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I provide a variety of physical hair removal methods to aid you in getting rid of unwanted hair on various parts of the body. This allows you to go longer in between hair removal sessions because it pulls the hair out of the follicle. Exactly how long it takes to grow back depends on the person. This is highly individualized, but it will always take longer than shaving so that you can save time in your daily hygiene routine.

Plucking is most commonly done on the eyebrows. This hair removal method is something that takes little time for such a small area. This is ideal if you have a few stray hairs that you want to get rid of, but it is not for larger areas, such as the legs or underarms. Waxing is very common on larger areas because the hair is pulled off in strips and can remove large sections of hair with each pull. This can last up to a few weeks for most people, allowing you to avoid shaving for a prolonged period.

I can help you to decide on which method will work best for your needs and wants because I will take the time to fully explain each procedure. We will discuss the procedure associated with each, any potential discomfort, about how long it takes for the area you want worked on and what the general results are.