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Electrolysis is a hair removal method that removes hair individually. Today’s epilators are incredibly effective. They use short-wave radio frequency to destroy a hair’s growth center completely. The procedure involves inserting a probe into each follicle and allowing the technology to go to work. The probes are incredibly fine and not known to cause any significant discomfort. Once the follicle is treated, forceps harmlessly pull out the hair.

Modern electrolysis methods are not painful and a topical anesthetic can be used to further reduce any discomfort. This time-tested method was used to remove hair more than 100 years ago and it is now used on most areas of the body, including the face, abdomen, legs, eyebrows and breasts. While some people experience a little redness immediately after the procedure, this goes away shortly. In fact, this hair removal method is safe and it does not require the use of harsh chemicals.

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